Raghav (raghav) wrote,

From Bollywood's Binnacle

In an effort to develop tolerance for Bollywood(for reasons that are best not represented as text), I risked jeopardizing the weekend watching, what's supposedly the best it has to offer.

Om Shanti Om, OSO - If the newspapers are to believed OSO supposedly bettered Robert Redford's directorial debut at the box office in the US!!! Well this technically superior movie deserves its accolades. With its flawless and gripping script, wonderful screenplay and direction, replete with a star cast who performances leaves you agape. With this movie Bollywood has finally come of age.

Now wouldn't you wish that were true. The movie is anything but that, it quite really is a true test of tolerance, and we unknowingly picked the right movie for our purpose. Its beyond one's ability to comprehend what is drawing people to this movie. This movie epitomizes why one should refrain from Bollywood not risk its many offerings. The storyline is a loose fitting garment that keeps slipping and sliding off the mannequins who enact it. Ok with the exception of Shreyas Talpade, and a honest effort from Arjun Rampal and the debutante Deepika Padhukone. The latter is all that keeps you from leaving the movie is sheer disgust. She fares somewhere between to ohk to acceptable on acting skills, but scores maximum for grace, poise and sheer screen presence. You can't take your eyes off her when she's on the screen and wait in anticipation for her to come back on, while the rest of the movies peels itself off the wall. Shahrukh Khan, the self proclaimed the King of Bollywood. The fact that I detest him has nothing to with the "fact" that he cannot act and this review. Worse still he looks ashen, so skinny and unproportional that you'd think, well you know I was right, this dude is so full of it. Well, I'm glad Mr.Stereotype can take atleast a joke or two, and the same for Bollywood. Did I mention Deepika Padhukone looks oh so gorgeous, esp., in Ajab Si, if I did she's worth the redundancy. And that brings us to the music score and ofcourse the songs, which we've come to accept can largely make an appearance without any warning or reason. Its ohk but nothing special excepting Ajab Si, whose lyrics and music does suit the beautiful Ms.Padhukone. Did someone say Dard-e-Disco, oh please.

In all, a terrible and utter waste of time and money (however spent), unless ofcourse you like us are in a quest to develop a tolerance for Bollywood. And now if Mr.Khan and this movie wins many awards for this consummately hapless showing, you'll have figured why you can afford to give Bollywood a skip.

I've Saawariya and Jab We Met lined up. Keep ya posted. Till then stay away, from the complement of SOS.
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