Raghav (raghav) wrote,

Mot's GDS '07

Wednesday, a whole lot of us at Mot got to stay away from office, yet still had to work.

Starting last year Motorola annually organizes a world wide volunteer match program that allows its employees to register for various volunteer projects. To extend our service to the many community projects, in the region. Mot calls it its, Global Day of Service. This year I registered to volunteer at the Shirsti Campus, Bangalore.

For starters I had to get to the campus at 7:45 AM, being amongst the nocturnal of our species, for me personally that's an ask. And with a little over three hours of sleep, the grogginess had my head in splits. And secondly, I had to shed my native black, blue and grey to don, er… a “Bright Orange” Tee (Appreciate your keeping the sniggers to a minimum, thank-you).

Anyways, I got there in time and yes... if you insist on knowing.

At Shristi, we involved ourselves in various activities laying the gateway to one of the entrances of the campus, spending time with challenged children, help the kids basic motor skills training etc.,

The Chain

Pass it forward...


The rocky bed for the gateway

The Big Dig

The Big Dig


A gateway in the making

The Mighty Heave

An that takes a mighty heave

With the children at the campus


Deepesh and I, helped out at one of motor skills sessions

Play Time

And at play time

Volunteerism - the act of selflessly working for the benefit of others. But then moments like these are reward enough to our meagre efforts, wouldn't you say.




Pallavi & Nagaraj

Mihir's My Buddy

Mihir's my Buddy, says little Vignesh


In smiles, we can still speak the same language

There are times when I think, that at least in this part of the world, its time we started acting on our long harbored good intentions. We don't just stop at thinking that we want to do good, and actually contribute towards it. Help, because you can. I guess it doesn't get any simpler.

More pictures on my flickr page
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