Raghav (raghav) wrote,

The Rain and Me

This is something from a long time ago... just didn't like the thought of losing it.

It's a gloomy day,
My thoughts are lost,
Amidst the clouds dark and gray,
Lost in the memory of a past I cannot part,

A distinct scent lingers in the air,
As I lie oblivious, tending to many scars,
The gust of cold wind hints of what lies far,
I'm lost and absolved in a losing battle, the inevitable war

A brilliant flash of light streaks across the sky,
Memories, I think are like a paint some of it'll never dry,
The ensuing thunder that whisks all that yet still shall lie,
Even the wilting flowers of pain, a bloom from a time long gone by,

The first drops of rain arrive in a race,
I wait arms wide open, resign myself to its spate,
It arrives to kiss the earth and all that lies in its trace,
Release me I plead from my prison, my pain, my hate

The beads of water glisten off the grass, the plants, the trees
I shed my fear and my of own, for them now one can no longer see,
The world seems cleansed and fresh, some more of life has just been set free,
I stand there in my puddle of relief and peace, knowing well this will only last a wee,

A strange relationship we share, the rain and me.

There are three threads in one, read alternate lines 1,3,5... and 2,4,6,... and together as you would normally. And read between the lines.

Anyways this is what I had to say about this then... and now... well now...

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